The vision

This project develops and trials immersive virtual environments as an innovative and authentic approach to teaching and learning for practical skill acquisition, with integrated assessment and feedback.

Educational and assessment tools allow students to demonstrate that they have successfully applied theoretical knowledge in real contexts and achieved appropriate skills before entering workforces. Greater authenticity allows students to experience multiple roles and business cases.

The project addresses the largely ‘inauthentic’ pedagogical approaches currently used in classrooms and distance-learning environments. It proposes a methodology utilising existing technologies in creative and innovative ways. The simulation combines emerging technologies to project multiple business dimensions into one space; enabling students from different disciplines to observe, engage, interact, and participate in self-guided or group-based learning scenarios; receiving instant, multi-perspective, rich feedback to support their learning; enabling iterative scenario-based training in a safe environment. Experiments and evaluations are executed on supply chain scenarios where, in reality, business dimensions like space or time impose difficulties in understanding impacts of decisions.