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Project team PhD update

teras candidacy presentationSource of the original image: Wikipedia

Our team is happy to announce that our PhD candidate Marko Teras, (well, me!), passed his candidacy presentation last week. How excellent is that!

The thesis, titled as Critical factors that produce and authentic context in an immersive virtual environment for safety training, will examine how virtual environments that are used with head-mounted displays such as Oculus Rift, and interacted with control devices such as Razer Hydra, will support practical skills acquisition in safety training.

The research project will not merely examine how technology alone through immersion “produces” something we might call a context, but also investigates how authentic learning design and possibly gamification processes (e.g. Deterding et al., 2011, Gamification Research Network) might support producing an authentic context.

That’s about it. Short and sweet. More updates on the study as it progresses!