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WordPress – Facebook Connection Test Post

No magic? They know what I shop, where I travel, when I drink, when I eat. And always match this with the best advertisement. Searched for a book, got the offer for the DVD. Thirsty? Just wait for their suggestion what I would like to have.

BUT when it comes to set up you social websites. Nothing. I expected the “Just do it” button. One click and every word is posted everywhere, friends are automatically bought and added to my social media sides, some companies offer me fancy items from their 3D printers, and maybe the first offer to be taken over by some companies. No, it is even difficult to set something up. Just the Facebook link for having all from here posted on out project wall cost me a lot of time. At least I have now some new accounts, Facebook did send me many SMSs, and maybe becomes friend with me.

Alright. Time to hit post and see what happens. Expectation: None. Fun part is that Lincoln will get notifications for new posts with every time I try something different.


Whatsoever. If I did something right, this post will appear on Facebook.