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Oculus Rift arrived

A very short post: The OCULUS RIFT arrived ( 

First impression: Far better than expected. The immersion is perfect. To perfect. I checked for the person in the back of the car when Kirsten called me from behind. I tried to grab the keyboard in the virtual scene, not the one on the desk. And yes, being afraid of heights is not limited to the real world. Longer report follows, will try if my simple unity terminal is working, waiting for a long time to walk through my created maze.

IMG_9707 IMG_9706 IMG_9704 IMG_9702 IMG_9701

Offering a scholarship for a PhD “Gamified skills-training environment”

We are delighted to announce that we are offering a PhD scholarship in the School of Information Systems at Curtin University, Perth, Australia. This scholarship is for a student working on the topic “research on a gamified skills-training environment using Design Science Research.”

The PhD scholarship supports a learning and teaching grant:

This project develops and trials immersive virtual environments as an innovative and authentic approach to teaching and learning for practical skill acquisition, with integrated assessment and feedback. Educational and assessment tools allow students to demonstrate that they have successfully applied theoretical knowledge in real contexts and achieved appropriate skills before entering workforces. Greater authenticity allows students to experience multiple roles and business cases. The project addresses the largely ‘inauthentic’ pedagogical approaches currently used in classrooms and distance-learning environments. It proposes a methodology utilising existing technologies in creative and innovative ways. The simulation combines emerging technologies to project multiple business dimensions into one space; enabling students from different disciplines to observe, engage, interact, and participate in self-guided or group-based learning scenarios; receiving instant, multi-perspective, rich feedback to support their learning; enabling iterative scenario-based training in a safe environment. Experiments and evaluations are executed on supply chain scenarios where, in reality, business dimensions like space or time impose difficulties in understanding impacts of decisions.

The focus of the PhD is the application of authentic immersive virtual environments in Higher Education. The Design Science Research method will be used to establish whether a gamified skills-training environment is an effective method to increase engagement in both routine training (e.g., regular health and safety training) and experiential/active learning (e.g., university-based education or situation-specific training such as evaluation of a new system or new facility layout). The PhD incorporates one or more of the following topics: 3D environments, authentic learning in 3D spaces, implementing scenario models, software engineering, methodology, conceptual development of the visualisation/human computer interaction, complex systems, and interaction between components. However, these suggested areas are examples rather than an exhaustive list and the scholarship recipient will be encouraged to explore these areas for her or his interest for a focal research.

The candidate is expected to have some experiences and interests in the following (or equivalent) areas

  • Completed Master (or equivalent degree) to enrol in a PhD program.
  • Good written and spoken English.
  • Extensive programming experience in OOP and scripting languages.
  • Experience and/or interest in virtual environments, virtual worlds, games; e.g., developments in environments like Second Life, OpenSim, and Unity.
  • Willingness to conduct experiments with focus groups to test the artefacts.
  • Ability and willingness to engage in joint research projects and team activities.
  • Ability to communicate with academic and professional audiences; e.g., with industry partners in the project.
  • Willingness to publish the research outcomes in high-ranked journals and conferences.
  • Interest in computer games.

The PhD is sponsored; that is the tuition is covered and the student will receive for 2.5 years (option to extend) approx AUD 27,000 pa.

The PhD student will be supervised by Dr Torsten Reiners ( and Dr Lincoln C. Wood (, and Christian Gütl ( Please contact either of them for further information.

WordPress – Facebook Connection Test Post

No magic? They know what I shop, where I travel, when I drink, when I eat. And always match this with the best advertisement. Searched for a book, got the offer for the DVD. Thirsty? Just wait for their suggestion what I would like to have.

BUT when it comes to set up you social websites. Nothing. I expected the “Just do it” button. One click and every word is posted everywhere, friends are automatically bought and added to my social media sides, some companies offer me fancy items from their 3D printers, and maybe the first offer to be taken over by some companies. No, it is even difficult to set something up. Just the Facebook link for having all from here posted on out project wall cost me a lot of time. At least I have now some new accounts, Facebook did send me many SMSs, and maybe becomes friend with me.

Alright. Time to hit post and see what happens. Expectation: None. Fun part is that Lincoln will get notifications for new posts with every time I try something different.


Whatsoever. If I did something right, this post will appear on Facebook.